How do I book?

Contact us for a personal quotation and once the price and terms and conditions have been agreed by both parties, a 25% deposit will secure your booking for the date that you require.

How do I pay?

We accept payment for bookings by cash, cheque or bank transfer. We will send an invoice via email approximately 6 weeks before the date of the wedding. An e-receipt will be issued when payment has been made. If you prefer correspondence by post, just let us know.

Can children travel in the vehicles?

Betty seats one child (in the front) however we do ask that a parent fits the child seat.

Can we have music playing?

Yes, we recommend it! You may have a special song that will calm your nerves before the ceremony or a tune that holds a special meaning for you both. All our vehicles have sound systems so just pass your CD to the driver and he’ll play it with pleasure.  Don’t worry if you forget your special music or can’t think of any, we have some just in case!

Do your drivers wear a uniform?

Our drivers wear the traditional chauffeur attire but if you prefer, we welcome any other suggestions to match your wedding theme. We have previously driven in Hawaiian shirts and have been asked to dress like a wizard!

Can we hire a camper or bug for our child’s prom?

Sorry, we do not have a ‘Private Hire License’ (PHL) which is a requirement for proms but not weddings!

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have a question that isn’t answered above. We look forward to hearing from you.

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